DrupalCamp is coming to your town this year!

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We are having two tracks on Saturday – Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced


1 PM Tuesday May 5 – 4 PM – Saturday
These are the Saturday sessions

Thursday May 7 – Food / drinks and mingle with others
Friday May 8 – Sessions & discusions
Saturday May 9 – Party Time
Sunday May 10 – Back at it and wrapping everything up

We look forward to seeing you!

Drupal is basically a back-end system that is used by 2.1% websites across the world. It is appropriate for all kinds of websites. For example, blogs, corporate websites, governmental websites etc. Businesses also use Drupal to manage their back-end information.
Drupal core is the standard form of Drupal and consists of a number of features that relate to the management of the content of the website. Some of the other aspects included in the software are management of menus, management of various accounts, page layouts and other administrative work. Multi-user blogs and forums love to use Drupal.
Recently, a number of add-ons have been made available to customize Drupal core and make it more comfortable for usage. The appearance can also be altered according to one’s liking. Majority of the developers, like to use Drupal. However, it is pretty simple to install and administer a website through Drupal. Hence, the management of the website also becomes easier.
Drupal is written in PHP and is distributed through the GNU General Public License. Hence, it can work only on those computers that support PHP and web server both. Apart from this, a database should also be available on the same system. The database is used to alter settings and for storage of content.
Drupal can be easily and freely downloaded from its official website i.e. http://drupal.org/about. One does not have to pay for the maintenance or licensing as well. The installation process is easy and the user gets hold of various ways through which customization of the content is possible. Drupal is being used by some of the most popular websites i.e. Sony Music, Warner Brothers Records, MTV UK, AOL Corporate etc.
Various guides are also available on the website that help a new user find his/her way through the working of the software. Apart from this, modules, translations, themes and much more comes along with the software. In a nutshell, the features of the software are as follows:
It is open source software and had been developed 10 years back.
There are a number of tools for the maintenance. Security level for your content would also be high.
It makes you a more social animal since it permits you to interact with other participants easily.
It helps you promote your content on social networking websites as well.
Drupal comes along with a number of exclusive themes.
It is used by some of the most powerful websites that are running worldwide.
Drupal can be extended with the help of upgrades also. The makers of the website keep upgrading the software in order to help people customize and improve their website. If you are also looking to learn everything about Drupal and its usage, you should have the basic knowledge about a website and web hosting provider.